Inspire the Biggest Give Back Campaign in History

Music’s Biggest stars will electrify the heart of humanity with a spectacular live global mega-shed entertainment event to celebrate and support the World’s Girls. The power of music will bring the heartbeat of the world together in a global campfire to show we care and to share our common humanity, something we desperately need now.

International Girls Day was founded by the UN and Canada. This day is dedicated to celebrating the voices and power of girls and championing their rights and opportunities worldwide.

Let’s make this Humanity’s Finest Hour.


Tens of millions of girls have fallen into poverty. Hundreds of millions of girls are being sold into child marriage and slavery. If we don’t act now, they will be set back generations. We cannot allow this to happen. Not on our watch. Now more than ever we must accelerate unprecedented levels of investment in the future of girls worldwide. Their future depends on what we do now.

All cities/countries/NGO’s can join the International Girls Day Celebration and play music for change, using our platform and campaigns to raise urgently needed Humanitarian Aid for their charities. A riveting Hollywood Telethon will inspire the world to give boldly and generously. The Benefit will support: The World Food Programme, UNICEF. Feeding America. Women’s & Children’s Grassroots Funds.

The world has a secret superpower.

The power is girls.

Activating their power is not a plea for charity, but a pressing, necessary investment in everyone’s future.

And the time to activate that power is now.

Before it’s too late.

Join us to Inspire a Powerful International Collaboration which is at the Heart of this Mission


This first-of-its-kind Global Multi-Cultural Music Festival offers people around the world a chance to create their own local street parties, concerts, and telethons to raise funds for their charities which are suffering catastrophic hardships. This unprecedented global social networking bonanza will give people, music and celebrity talent, brands and storytellers, new opportunities across digital, mobile and social platforms to make their mark in exciting new ‘disruptive’ ways to take social activism to a new level.

The power of girls’ voices will ring out around the world on this day. TWEENS, GEN-Z & MILLENNIALS will make this International Girls Day a Social Networking Take-over!

In partnership with nonpartisan campaigns we will encourage civic engagement, inspiring people to use the power of their voice and the power of their vote. The future is in our hands. We are going to change the name of the game.


We will invite Barbie Fans and Swifties to create Barbie and Swift Inspired Dance Parties to celebrate the beauty, wisdom and power of girl leaders. We will give girls the world over the right to dream. The right to hope. The right for an education. Come Shake it up. In your wildest outfit or hero figure. Sparkle with your besties! Add some pink glitter. Put your heart in action.

You realize that together you have the power to make such a significant contribution to your community and to the world. Sing, dance, play music for change. What will you do? Let’s make this the biggest Give Back Movement in history. Will you step up and help?

Together we will support the Realizing the Dream Movement, a new dream launched by a collaboration between the Martin Luther King III Foundation and Legacy+, with support from the National Football League to unify and uplift communities across America by calling for 100 million hours of service. We invite the GSMA, and the global telecommunications industry to lead a global mobile campaign to help feed hungry children and their families. That means everyone who has a phone can lend a helping hand. It’s never been done before.

Imagine! The healing power of music can and will bring the heart beat of our human family together around a global campfire, in our shared humanity to care for the future of our children.

Help Lead a Digital Revolution in Innovation with a New Vision of Hope for the Future.  

The opportunity to harness the power of music for global diplomacy is unprecedented. We will build World Girls Day to become one of the most popular International Music Festivals in the world. That keeps giving back to the future every year. This is a rich legacy asset that will outlive us all.

The confluence of world events gives us this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Canada lights up key buildings in pink in cities across the country on International Girl’s Day. Let’s invite world nations to do likewise, to come together to Activate Plan G and to announce the historic commitment they and UN Women made on March 8, 2024 to eradicate women’s and girls’ poverty. March 8th, 2025, will be the 30th Anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action. The Heart in Action Humanitarian Campaign will launch again on this day, for the Women’s Day Live Global Benefit Concert for an epic International Women’s Day Celebration, March 8, 2025. On this day,  we will galvanize a Global Movement to implement a bold Girls Education and Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative.


Many of us have dedicated our lives to achieve this moonshot moment for humanity. Its like going to the moon and back. Its time to keep promises to women and girls. This is history in the making.

Let’s turn action into global impact. Help realize this dream to usher in a new world of opportunity for the world’s women and girls.

Help make the World's Girls Dreams Come True.

Join the Movement. United we are unstoppable.

Get ready to Roc’n Roll at the International Girls Day Music Festival on October 11th-13th, 2024!

Global Engagement. Global connectivity. Local impact. Lasting legacy.

This is our moment of truth as a human family.

When Women & Girls Succeed the World Prospers.