Unlock the Transformational Power of the World’s Girls

Our time is now.

The World Girls Day benefit concert and International Girls Day Music Festival, a program of the Heart in Action Foundation, seeks to use the power of global media, celebrity and technology to inspire the world to RISE to this moment in history to take bold and urgent action to save the future for the world’s girls.

Tens of Millions of girls have been forced out of school and have fallen into poverty. More than 150 million girls will be forced to be child brides in the next few years. Progress for girls’ education will be set back generations if we don’t take bold action now. This is not happening on our watch.

That’s why we are committed to produce World Girls Day, to team up with the world’s global leaders to build a powerful alliance to invest in the future and impact national and global policy now.

Girls are the poorest people on the planet. As Gandhi said, ‘poverty is the worst form of violence”. Women and girls face injustice and abuse and are denied opportunities in every facet of their lives. 1 in 3 girls and women worldwide face violence.

This is no longer acceptable. It stops here. It stops now. This is a moonshot moment for humanity. We are taking it. Women and girls need our help now. We must help them learn, to earn, and to lead. Help light up the world for girls and children so they can live lives worthy of their dreams.

Time is of the greatest urgency. We must engage all the teams to have all systems go now.


We have the power to change the future course of history for the world’s girls and children now.

We need Foundational Funding and Investment to Make this Changemaking event happen.

You can help make immeasurable change for girls. Be a change maker. Help us build the Biggest Give Back movement for the world’s largest giving day. World Girls Day will put the needs of girls on the global stage. This is not just a concert. This is an unstoppable movement.

The International Girls Day Music festival will be accessible on every device worldwide. The mobile players worldwide will help us make a historic micro-fund-raising event to feed hungry children and their families. This means everyone in the world who has a phone can donate. Help inspire, empower and challenge the world to join the Heart in Action Step up Revolution.

Have a Heart.  We invite the World’s Talent, leading digital Music Players, Corporate Leaders, Technology, Media and Entertainment companies, NGOs and World Leaders to join a united global to help save lives and the very future for the worlds’ girls and children.

If you have resources, money, talent, platforms, organizations or leadership to give, the time to do it is now. We welcome meaningful collaboration and strategic partnerships. The stakes are high. We are at a critical crossroads as a human family. Will you join us in answering the call?



Our mission is to shine a Global  spotlight on this critical issue and galvanize the resources for the great work being done to empower girls around the world by groups like the Obama Foundation’s Girls Opportunity Alliance, UNICEF, and many others like Plan International and Girls Up who are changing the lives of girls in countries across the world.

We stand poised at this pivotal moment in history with a once in a lifetime opportunity to energize and unite people around the world in an ambitious global effort to invest in Girl’s rights and freedom, gender equality and Girl’s Education and Food Security.

Let’s light a fire. This is a global emergency that requires bold action now. We call on all global citizens to take action for the world’s girls.


The future of humanity depends on what we do now.

SEND US AN EMAIL if you’d like to take on a significant role. lili@womensdaylive.com